* Large drilled piles as well as micropiles

The drilled piles allow the transmission of large loads of the structure of a building in depth (indirect foundation), the support of excavations and the stabilization of lands prone to slipping. OCTAGON FUNDATII SPECIALE performs all types of large diameter drilled piles (ø 600-2,000 mm), with depths up to 50 m.

* Molded walls

Molded walls ensure tightness, stability and support for deep excavations. Parking lots and underpasses, tunnels and basements are projects that involve the execution of molded walls. Waterproofing of hydro-technical constructions, such as dams, and stabilization of slopes, also requires the presence of molded walls. OCTAGON FUNDATII SPECIALE builds molded walls for all these types of projects.

* Special foundations in top down system

Top-down construction is one of the optimal solutions for buildings with many basements, which require large excavations in the plan. The construction method was adopted in the early 1960s, and is now generally used for the construction of buildings located in urban, crowded areas.

Advantages and challenges of the top-down construction method:

An advantage of this construction method is that the infrastructure and superstructure can be built at the same time, the execution time being significantly reduced. The support of the excavation is done with the basement floors instead of temporary supports, which is advantageous from a financial point of view.

Due to the increased rigidity of the floors, compared to that of temporary supports, the deformations of the supporting walls are smaller, so the safety of the excavation increases.

Top-down construction can also present challenges for builders, as excavation under the floor is difficult to perform.

* Bars

* Curtain walls

* Anchorage

Anchors are supporting elements, with the role of taking over and transmitting the efforts in the ground. An anchor is composed of steel strands, cemented in drilling and has two parts: the anchorage area (bulb) and the free length. Anchoring is done by the interaction of the bulb with the ground, to transfer the load.

Anchors are most often used to support the retaining wall of a deep excavation. They can be permanent or temporary. The latter, after they are no longer needed, are either relaxed or extracted.

The stabilization works of the slopes or of some massive rocky rocks strongly cracked, can be realized with the help of the anchorages. The use of anchors in certain categories of land is not recommended: soils sensitive to moisture, muddy soils and soils containing organic matter.

* Injections

Cement slurry injections are used to improve soil conditions by filling existing gaps and cracks with pressure-injected material.

Cement slurry injections are used in the construction of dams and tunnels, to improve the connection between the structure and the ground, to seal deep excavations and to improve the load-bearing capacity of the drilled pile base.

Drilling is done by a method chosen according to soil characteristics. The suspension injection, usually made of water, cement and additive, is mixed in a high-speed mixer.

* Vertical drains

* Sheet piles

Sheet piles are elements used to support the vertical walls of deep excavations, which descend below the groundwater level. In general, the presence of sheet piles in a building has a double role: supporting the excavation walls and building a watertight enclosure that does not allow water infiltration.

The sheet piles can be made of plastic (PVC), metal or reinforced concrete. The most common are metal sheet piles. Metal sheet piles are used in the case of deep excavations, performed below groundwater level. They can be used both temporarily and permanently, their recovery being easy to achieve. The disadvantages are the high cost and the noise and tremors generated by their beating, which can be annoying for residents. For this reason, the use of metal sheet piles in urban areas is limited.

* Epuismente


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